Retro Sunglasses Brown

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Yes, finally the model that is simple and classic enough for anyone. If you’re into making the surest and safest possible choice, here’s the perfect hint: Retro! This classic is one of our most popular styles in our selection. If you are up to adding a twist on this one, choose the mirror lens to complete your look.

This model is made of laminated ebony; dark but warm shaded wood. Ebony is a chic and safe pick that suits with every outfit. Ebony is widely used in instruments, such as guitars because of its’ light but strong characteristic.

The lenses are polarized, which means that they block reflections for example from water to protect your eyes. All lenses are also 100% UV-A and UV-B radiation protected.

Among purchasing a pair of sunglasses, we send you a container and a micro-filament cloth. We remind you that the pictures are allusive, as all of our products are unique for the natural shades and wooden pattern.

Available in 2 colours: Ebony blue and Walnuts brown

material: ebony
width: 152 mm
height: 52 mm
width of lens: 50 mm
height of lens: 42 mm
lens: UV400, polarized
length of bow: 143 mm
bridge: 11 mm

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