Just us – Wedding Book


Wedding book designed to tell the story of the wedding couple from the first meeting, all the way to the wedding itself. With the help of the book, you can plan your wedding and collect important memories during the trip between the covers of LuKLabel’s beautiful wedding book. It also includes its own share for the guests, which can be filled during the wedding celebration.


Memories of the first meeting
Thoughts of loved ones about the wedding couple.
A fun wedding game.
Bachelorette party memories.
Useful tips for organising parties.
To do list

Guestbook (64 spaces for guests to fill in, usually couples/families fill in together, i.e. it is enough for up to 100 guests) On the pages, guests can answer three questions, as well as their own space for e.g. a Polaroid photo or a free message.

Memories of the wedding day
Wedding vows
Memories from the first year of marriage.
Photo and writing space.
On the last page, there is a useful pocket where you can store memories or greeting cards.
It comes with a hardcover package that holds the book.

The wedding book is designed so that it can be used as part of your wedding celebration – display it and tell a wonderful story to your guests! The pages of the guest book section can accommodate, for example, polaroid camera pictures of guests or free text. A great gift for a future wedding couple. The visual appearance of the wedding book was designed by graphic artist Petra Dajka, who painted the pages of the book by hand, and created the book’s texts with beautiful calligraphy.

The book has a convenient magnetic lock, which makes the book stylish and easy to use. Printed cover with rose gold metallic print. The book is subtitled in English. In addition, it comes with a beautiful and hardcover packaging, in which you can keep the wedding book.

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