Intensive conditioner Bar


100 % natural conditioner bar for all hair types

An effectively detangling conditioner bar with Finnish hemp oil


A next generation silicone-free, completely plant-based conditioner bar detangles and gives hair shine and care. Contains organic coconut oil and high concentration of Finnish hemp seed oil to nourish and soften hair. Completely plant-based, COSMOS certified active ingredient effectively detangles hair and improves combability without making the hair feel heavy.

The bar is biodegradable and long lasting. One bar contains more than twice the amount of active ingredient compared to the Coconut Milk Creamy Hair Mask. The bar stays solid in use and does not soften. It is easy to use, the bar glides effortlessly on the hair.

This product is perfect for you who want to reduce packaging waste. The eco-friendliness of the product is not only limited to the packaging, but the product itself is also harmless to aquatic life.

Note that the bar is always a bit slower to apply than the traditional conditioner.

Apply the bar directly to washed, towel dried hair. Use warm water to dissolve the bar better. You can also wet the bar with a little warm water if necessary. Leave on for 1-5 minutes and comb through the hair to achieve a better spreading. Rinse with lukewarm water. You should keep the conditioner bar on a surface where the water gets out or on a draining soap dish to prevent the bar from getting soft.

Ingredients: 100% natural amino acid based cationic ingredient, Finnish hemp seed oil, organic coconut oil, cetyl alcohol, plant based emollient, glycerin, fractionated coconut oil, hair caring & detangling ester derived from plant oils and natural sugars, organic orange essential oil, organic peppermint essential oil, organic vanilla extract, organic rosemary leaf (antioxidant) extracted in organic sunflower seed oil, preservative, preservative, water

* Wild grown or certified organic ingredient

** Ecocert or COSMOS approved ingredient

*** From natural essential oil

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