Honey Milk Face Cleansing


Soap that does not dry out skin! Popular Honey Milk Soap is a multi-purpose face and body soap.

The soft and creamy Honey Milk organic soap combines moisturizing raw honey, softening coconut milk and antioxidant seed oil of Lapland lingonberries. The foam, which contains soft pink clay, gently cleanses face and body without drying the skin. The 100% natural composition also contains caring shea butter and jojoba oil.


Try Honey Milk soap e.g.

– For sensitive skin

– For dry skin

– For surface dry skin

The Honey Milk Soap is specially designed to moisturize and soften skin and even out the skin tone. You can try Honey Milk Soap even if your skin is not dry or sensitive – even normal or combination skin enjoys a gentle but thorough cleansing. If your skin is heavily oily and suffers from impurities, we recommend Detox Soap, which contains deep cleansing activated charcoal.

The sensual scent of the soap is a combination of authentic essential oils of geranium, litsea cubeba and lavender, which pamper the body and mind holistically.

Tip! Continue your skin care routine with a moisturizing serum

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