ECO Christmas Calendar

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We think the most important message of Christmas is being together and the joy of a child, not so much collecting things. We have designed a modern Christmas calendar for you, for which you do not need to buy anything special. The Christmas calendar comes with 24 different tasks, – and super fun elf messages. The cards include e.g. drawing,- maze,- and difference tasks. The tasks are widely suitable for children of different ages. You can do the tasks with the youngest child together with the parent.
The envelopes are designed so that they give way if necessary and the envelopes can hold e.g. stickers, jewelry, small toys, or Legos. The Christmas calendar has been tested and designed with the smallest and most accurate children’s guide.
Tips for using the Christmas calendar can be found here

You can install the Christmas calendar either on the wall or on the table one at a time to wait for the morning. You can also use the Christmas calendar in future Christmases. The product is completely recyclable and does not contain plastic.
The modern Christmas calendar delights children and parents and creates a Christmas atmosphere in the home!

The set includes:

24 envelopes (dimensions width 9cm length 12cm)
4 meters of string for hanging.
11 funny elf messages, 13 task cards that you can hide in boxes.
Christmas card
Gift package in which the product is delivered. (where you can also save the Christmas calendar for the next year.
Designed and implemented in Finland.

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