Rhassoul & Salt Hair and Body Soap


Unscented & gentle organic soap for body and hair.

Enjoy a rich, creamy lather without irritating or stripping your skin. Specially formulated for sensitive and problematic skin, our Rhassoul Clay & Salt soap works wonders on atopic eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin, and dandruff. This gentle soap can also be used on your face thanks to its mild formula. It’s completely unscented and fragrance free, making it a great choice for anyone suffering from oversensitivity caused by scented products. Rhassoul Clay, which is also known as Moroccan lava clay, is loaded with soothing minerals, allowing it to deep clean and remove products and excessive oil from your hair and face. A great choice for your entire body, this soap bar also contains Himalayan pink rock salt to moisture and nurture your skin naturally.

The soap is unscented so it is a good option if you have allergies or you just don’t like scented products. This mild soap is also exellent for children.

Rhassoul clay is known for its ability to treat different skin problems. This clay, also widely used in spa treatments, is rich in minerals and it’s deep cleansing. In addition to the clay, this soap contains also mineral rich Himalayan salt, which combined with Rhassoul clay could be the perfect mix for treating skin and scalp problems.

Try our Rhassoul clay soap for:

Atopic eczema skin

Why Flow Rhassoul Clay soap?

Pure plant oil soap without sulphates and harsh detergents
Environmentally friendly
A little goes a long way
No plastic waste

How to use for hair:

Rub the bar gently to wet hair to produce plenty of lather. If lather doesn’t form well, rinse the hair a little and repeat lathering. Use warm water because it will enhance the cleansing performance of the soap. Remember to apply lather also to the tips of hair.

When you start using soap based products for hair, your hair can feel sticky or oily at first. This reaction will usually fade after 1-10 washes. You can reduce the stickiness by using Flow Hair Rinse as a conditioner.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, glycerin, water, organic castor oil, rhassoul clay, himalayan rock salt, organic rosemary leaf extract (natural antioxidant) extracted in organic sunflower seed oil.

* Certified organic ingredient
** Ecocert or COSMOS approved ingredient

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