Lapin Kesä – Lappish Summer parfum


Lapin Kesä the perfume pays homage to the incredible mixture of light, delicate colors and the freshness of the season, summer in Lapland. When, after a long winter, everything suddenly blossoms and the sun refuses to set.

Fragrance: the nuances of the green meadow, the nettle, the dowels, the newly opened birch knots.

Body Scent: Midsummer Night, Fallow Clover, Meadow Flowers, Lapland Birch.

Bottom fragrance: Angelika musk, crystal clear watercourse for felling.

Except for the glass bottle, the product is completely made in Finland, parfume, package, design, stickers and all.

Artic Lab donates a portion of the sales of this product to breast cancer research.

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